blanket ship in AX 2012 (role reversal of drop ship)

Hello, could any one happen to know how to create blanket shipment? - here, the company act as a vendor, who will then deliver the goods to the customer’s end user (on behalf of your customer).

In the drop ship - your vendor is delivering the goods on your behalf directly to your customer

in the Blanket ship, you act as a vendor, where you deliver the goods to the customer’s end user.


The client would load a sales order to “buy” stock from you with a deliver address of the end user. Just a sales order with a different delivery address.

Thanks adam. So from the End user perspective, will the packing slip indicate that the goods are delivered by the Customer (not the us as a vendor) - end user shouldn’t know that the goods are sent by the Vendor.

That purely depends upon your process chain. If your customer wants you to deliver with paperwork reflecting them you would need to modify it, in essence this is not a direct delivery, this is third party supply.