Blanket Order Report

Hi, I’m new to Axapta. Could anybody tell me how to achieve the following design? PO No PO Date Item Id Item Name Order Qty Receive Qty… (BO) 00021 3/21/2005 AAA AAAAA 1000 (PO) 00032 4/20/2005 AAA AAAAA 250 (PO) 00035 5/1/2005 AAA AAAAA 300 (PO) 00042 5/31/2005 AAA AAAAA 450 (BO) 00021 3/21/2005 BBB BBBBB 10000 … … … * (BO) = Blanket Order (PO) = Related Purchase Order P/S: I noticed that it was sub-report… any example to demostrate the sub-report. Thanks very much. Update: I’m using programmable section to solved the problem. Any good idea beside this? Regards, S.C.GAN