Blanket order doubt


Rite now iam studying trade manual in which i created blanket order for a customer with 4 lines and four consecutive weeks and i deleted quantity in first line and clicked make order

so sales order is created now what is my problem is how to post remaining lines on blanket order if i select other lines on blanket order it is giving as nothing to post

So how to resolve this issue

Why did you delet the line?

Your balnket order has 4 lines, and so does your slaes order, so what is left to release?

You are meant to part release quantities from memory - are you defining the quantity to release or just making the order from the line?

actually he told me too do so i want first line to be posted now and second line next week and so on so i thought that the other lines are not useful and deleted now iam in confusing state of how to retreive those lines

Well the point of a blanket order is it retains the lines committed, so you do not delete them from the blanket order, you simply set the quantities appropriately for the make order stage so the lines are created with teh correct quantities whilst the blanket order remains.

yes , In manuals it explain like that.

until and unless customization , u cannot achieve what the functionality u are asking.

that customization is very simple.

Not sure you need to customise anything, just set the quantity to ship appropriately.