Blanket Order details

Hi All,

On Blanket Order we can check Posted Unposted Shipments, Invoices etc. In one of my client’s database it was maintaining perfectly till last month. But now even if all quantity is invoiced system not updating field Qty. To Ship, also Posted Invoices are not linked to the Line-Posted Lines-Invoices. If I filter Blanket Order No. in Sales Inv. Line table I get the data. No changes at code level, is there any linking setup need to check?


Did you also check Blanket Order Line No. in Sales invoice Line table?


Its gone as 0 but it should be 10000.

where is the changes?

Okay, Its gone as 0 but it should be 10000. where is the changes?

You must have done chages.

Its not like we didnt do anything and NAV changed its behaviour automatically.

We must have done changes for other requirement but it effected this…

You can have a first look at Codeunit 87 - Blanket Sales Order to Order

where it is flowing Line No. of Blanket Order to “Blanket Order Line No.” of Sales line…

Have you created Sales order from blanket Order ???


@Mohana : for some entries it is updating properly and sometimes not. Codeunit 87 is modified @ …/08/10 after that some entries have problem.

@Amol: they used to select manually Blacket order no in Sales line & not direct Make Order function.

Then some users must have forget to select Blanket Order Line No.