blank lines in a report

good morning one and all,

i want to print a blank lines in a report(classic),is it possible

can any one suggest me please…

thank you

Can you be nore clear please?


i am having the report

i want to print the blank lines in the body section,

description,quantity,quantity,unitprice(fields in header)

data in the body(foreign tour operator,1,10,000,400)

after the data in the body section ,i want to print some blank lines in the body as shown below

footer section as shown below…

here i am facing with the problem with in the body section.

the header and footer are in correct format.

i want to print 10 blank lines after the data in the body…

i have taken sales invoice header,integer as data items

as shown below,can you suggest me please

Your frnd has already posted here.

Please search the forums…

thanks for your kind reply,

i dont know about the fixed line forum sir…

but in mibuso you have given some code…

Pages := NoOfLines DIV 25;
NoOfLines := NoOfLines - (Pages * 25);

i have tried this code in the following manner

i have taken two dataitems

sales invoice header,integer

and i have written some code in presection of integer as shown below;


NoOfLines :=10;

Pages := NoOfLines DIV 25;

NoOfLines := NoOfLines - (Pages * 25);

i have taken one textbox in body section and assigned source expression as no of lines.

it is showing output as shown below…

can you please suggest me ,i am stopping with this issue of lines.PNG

25 is the No. of lines required for that particular user…

its not standard code

ya sir,

i got the blank lines for alternative pages(1,3,5…)i am having about 1800 pages;

as shown below …;

but actual my requirement is i want to get blank lines on every page…is it possible …can you suggest me.


Yes, it is possible.

You need to calculate how many blank lines you required based on total lines and lines in sales invoice lines

and set filter on integer dataitem from 1 to required lines.

good evening sir,

i have tried with using setfilter

Integer - OnPreDataItem()


and there by i have taken integerbody in sections and i have assigned a shape ,in the integer body section;

the output is as shown below,this is what i required;


but coming to actual real time project, i have done same things in the report,but i am not getting the output;

i sharing the actual data items in my projects;

DataItem Name

Sales Invoice Header

Integer CopyLoop

Integer PageLoop

Integer DimensionLoop1

Sales Invoice Line < Sales Invoice Line>

Integer Sales Shipment Buffer

Integer DimensionLoop2

Integer VATCounter

Integer VatCounterLCY

Integer T otal

Integer Total2

in which data iem i hve to write the code,can you please suggest me …

i have sales invoice line header,body,footer;

i want these blank lines under sales invoice line body…after that footer must be displayed…

i have written this code in sales shipment buffer(integer) dataitem but it was not coming

can you suggest me please;