Blank Line Suppression

Hi I have designed a report picking up the contact details records, and in the header I have an address section, however in places the address lines are blank and when I print out the report the blank lines appear. Is there any property I can lag to suppress teh printing of blank lines, or is this done via coding? Kind regards Steve

Hi Steve, you have this property when you use two dataitems, one dependent of the other, which is called “Print only if detail” on the parent dataitem, to force the processing of the dataitem only if there exist details in the child dataitem. From what I understood in your case there is coding necessary - on the header section add the following code in the OnPreSectionTrigger: CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(address.field <> ‘’); If you have a lot of data processing in the OnAfterGetRecord of the contact relating to the adress, you might aswell us the following code in the OnAfterGetRecord Trigger of the contact dataitem to skip the processing of adress data: IF address.field = ‘’ then CurrReport.Skip; Saludos Nils Edited by - nilsm on 2002 Jan 30 19:00:15

Hello Steve, While Nils’ suggestion is good for an address record that is blank, I was thinking that you were looking at a single header record that includes address information, so this type of solution will not work for you if you have a whole Header section with a corner reserved for the address. If this is the case, then you would need to access the Codeunit 365 “Format Address”. In there, you will find many Global Functions for different types of records that format an address to be able to compress it. First, you will need to create an array variable with 8 elements of type Text (length 50), and a variable for the Codeunit. Next, you will need to look at the syntax of how to pass the record and the array to Codeunit 365 to allow it to format the address for you, suppressing all of the blank address fields. If you are in fact looking at the Contact table (Table 5002 in v2.60 or Table 5050 in v3.01), then you’ll use the ContactAddr function within Codeunit 365. The exact syntax for this function is: “codeunit 365 variable”.ContactAddr(“array variable”, “contact record”); I hope one of our solutions works for you! Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

Hi Nils and Kristopher Nils - I have tried your method but the blank line still appears in the address section, leaving a break in the address format if data does not exist, but thank you for your input. Kristopher - Unfortunately this is out of my league being a humble implementor, but I will pass the suggestion on to one of our developers so it vcan be done properly - again your input was appreciated as well. Thanks again to both of you Kind regards Steve

Hi Steve, I guess I got your problem wrong and if Kristophers statement reflects your question correctly then you might try the following… it’s not as “clean” as coding it properly but it might help you to have a quick solution: Add a header section for each line of the adress, add in each section just one field of the whole adress, e.g. one header section for Name, another one for Direction, another one for direction 1, and so on, and then place the CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(address.field <> ‘’); for each section obviously adress.field being the field displayed in each section… Saludos Nils

Hi Nils One of our programmers altered teh coding routine as Kristopher suggested so it is done, but thank you again! Steve