Blank line in Item Journal Line Table.

I have created a form in navision to insert data in Item Journal Line Table.

The problem is that it is working fine and inserting the date. But it is leaving first record blank.

I have declared the record variable for item journal line table. Here is the code that i am using.


TMP_ItemJournalLine.“Document No.”:= xyz;



UNTIL a=0;

This code will run on the loop and insert all the records but leave the first record blank how to fix this issue.

Can some help on this issue.

It would help if you included the part where you assign the line number. Or insert the record.

Don’t forget that when a journal is posted it will automatically leave a blank line in that batch. So if you are getting the line number by doing a FINDLAST and then adding 10,000 your first line that you insert will always be 20,000 and the first line in the journal will be a blank line. Generally if you are filling a journal you want to delete anything that is already there.