Blank first page in report

This will be my first post, and I’m new to Navision. But I’ll try to explain my problem as detailed as possible from the report:

Created two data items, and have GroupTotal on both data items:


Prod. Order Component

This report takes all simulated production order components and suggest the material consumption for each item for use in production the next year. The report also have NewPagePerGroup where it groups per Vendor and the items connected to that specific vendor.

The user can manually set filter as follows:

On Item tab:

Item No, Vendor No., Item Category Code:

On Prod. Order Component tab:

Due Date:

The Vendor No is from the Replenishment tab on the item card. This for the user to only print items that has a vendor connected as supplier.

The report are as follows:

Item, Header (1)

Item, Body (2)

Prod. Order Component, Body (1)

Prod. Order Component, GroupFooter (2)

=Properties, Item=


DataItemTable: Item

DataItemTableView: SORTING(Vendor No.)



NewPagePerGroup: Yes

NewPagePerRecord: No

ReqFilterHeading: <>

ReqFilterHeadingML: <>

ReqFilterFields: No.,Vendor No.,Item Category Code

TotalFields: No

GroupTotalFields: Vendor No.


MaxIteration: <0>


PrintOnlyIfDetail: Yes

=Properties, Prod. Order Component=

DataItemIndent: 1

DataItemTable: Prod. Order Component

DataItemTableView: SORTING(Item No.,Variant Code,Location Code,Status,Due Date) WHERE(Status=FILTER(Simulated))


DataItemLink: Item No.=FIELD(No.)

NewPagePerGroup: No

NewPagePerRecord: No

ReqFilterHeading: <>

ReqFilterHeadingML: <>

ReqFilterFields: Due Date

TotalFields: Expected Qty. (Base)

GroupTotalFields: Item No.


MaxIteration: <0>


PrintOnlyIfDetail: Yes

When the user sets filter when running the report, they always sets the Due Date (on the Prod. Order Compnent tab) i.e 31.12.08 to get the component usage for next year. On the Item tab, the user can select i.e Item No, Vendor No. If no filter selected on Item tab, the report show on the 5-6 first pages the record of Items with no connection to a Vendor (i.e the items does not have a vendor connected), and the following 100 pages shows the Vendor with connected items (NewPagePerGroup)

This report works well except when the user sets filer <>’’ on the Vendor No. The user sets this filter when they only wants records that shows items connected to a vendor (that means no no items with no vendor no is printed). But by applying this filter, the report generates a blank page (the first page). I suspect this filter is the reason to the blank page…but im not sure how to remove this blank page. By the way, if a vendor number is selected on the Vendor No., the report show everything as is should.

Any help will be appriciated:)

Oh…btw, runnig version NAV 4.0 SP3

My advice is to check out existing standard reports - they will hold valuable information when especially using the report writer within Navision.

But maybe you want to consider looking at the various sections of your report. You can use conditions to control whether or not to show certain sections like the following;

IF Condition THEN