BizTalk Groups and FIFO

We are preparing to migrate from Navision 2.6 to Navision 3.7. In this migration we are planning on integrating our BizTalk group to route XML documents to and from other Navision databases via NAS. We also plan on using the BizTalk group to route XML documents from external applications to our Navision databases via NAS. Since we are using a BizTalk group, how do we ensure that the documents are processed in the correct order? BizTalk is generally considered a “Mail delivery system” and thus not responsible for FIFO delivery. There will certaily be instances where someone changes a record in an ouside system and then changes the record again shortly after. In this case, it is possible that the two documents created get sen to different BizTalk servers and that the second may arrive at Navison before the first. Is there a general methodology being used for handling this problem? We are looking into creating a table that tracks all the documents coming in and verifying that the one recieved, if it is for the same record as an example, is not older than the last one. If we use the “out of the box” Commerce Gatweway BizTalk integration to Navision, is this problem handled? Any help or shared experiences would be grateful. Thank you in advance. -Robert Tarantino