Bitmap size restrictions

I’ve been asked to embed a company logo within their sales invoice print, as they wish to print the invoices directly to a colour laser without using preprinted stationary. Unfortunately, the logo I have been given is vastly beyond the 32K limit for bmp’s within Navision. Even cropping it and reducing the colour depth hasn’t helped much. Any suggestions how I can get around this? Many thanks

You can use the compaylogo bitmap in the Compay Setup table. Just put this in the sourceexpression of the Picturebox. Be sure to get the table info and do a calcfields on the field before the section is printed.

You could cut your original bitmap into smaller (<32KB) pieces. Then place them next to each other so they form a complete logo in high resolution.

Mark is right. Using “Picture” from the record “Company Information” works great! Cutting your logo into smaller pieces is not necessary… [:I]

[:D] You can also add new picture fields for different purposes.[8D]

Will give that a go. Thanks a lot!