Bins Implements

Dear All,

we are going to start Bins functionally in our company. we are not using Direct Put and Pick.

So let me know what is best ways to implement bins for location which have inventory. Means how to close the open entry to select BIN mandatory.



Welcome to DUG!!!

Which Version of Navision you are using ?

Is Navision already implemented ?

Is it classic or RTC?

Thanks Amol…

Nav 2009 classic is implemented…

How many months Navision has been implemented ?

Using bins requires tremendous discipline in the warehouse and in Indian environment , it can also become a big bottleneck.

As well as you are implementing in between of year.

it around 3 year long…

It will be difficult task of implementing Bin in between of Year.

I suggest let close the Financial year and then create new Database and implement Bin.

Please let me know what problem i can face during this activity.




I see no reason to create a new database.

To implement bins in an active location:

  1. Create a new dummy location.

  2. Transfer all inventory from current to dummy location.

  3. Setup bins in current location.

  4. move inventory back and place in correct bins.

Or create a new location.