Bindings in MetadataService schema

Hi there,

MetaData Service, being a system service, hosted on server is not visible in AOT or in the inbound port list. However, the same can be consumed via following URL: localhost:AXwebserviceportnumber/…/MetaDataService

Following is the path of same when browsed in my personal Dev.


Once this is accessible, we receive the schema in the Net.tcp binding format. For our client requirement, we would like to have the schema with the HTTP bindings in order to consume the WSDL from JAVA. How can the Net.tcp binding be changed to Http Bindings, especially for the Metadata service?

Please respond, if anyone has worked on similar kind of requirement or if this could be achieved at all or not?



According to the documentation, only NetTcp is supported for system services.

You could try to create another endpoint for the metadata service with HTTP binding in Ax32Serv.exe.config, nevertheless there probably is a reason why it’s not supported.

how it will be created?

How to: Specify a Service Binding in Configuration