bin types

Hi, I have a problem with the set up of bin types in warehouse management Navision 3.60.Documentation is showing that I have 8 combinations. However Navision is not letting me use some of them. Specifically I can’t set: 1. Receive and Pick 2. Receive and Ship The system returns the error: Receive must be No in Bin Type Code=’xxx’. These combinations are specified as valid both in the online help and in the documentation.

Here’s the validation code: CheckCombination(CalledByFieldNo : Integer) CASE CalledByFieldNo OF 0: BEGIN BinType.SETFILTER(Code,'<>%1',Code); BinType.SETRANGE(Receive,Receive); BinType.SETRANGE(Ship,Ship); BinType.SETRANGE("Put Away","Put Away"); BinType.SETRANGE(Pick,Pick); IF BinType.FIND('-') THEN ERROR(Text002,TABLECAPTION,BinType.Code); END; FIELDNO(Receive): BEGIN TESTFIELD("Put Away",FALSE); TESTFIELD(Pick,FALSE); TESTFIELD(Ship,FALSE); END; FIELDNO(Ship): BEGIN TESTFIELD(Receive,FALSE); TESTFIELD("Put Away",FALSE); TESTFIELD(Pick,FALSE); END; FIELDNO("Put Away"): BEGIN TESTFIELD(Receive,FALSE); TESTFIELD(Ship,FALSE); END; FIELDNO(Pick): BEGIN TESTFIELD(Receive,FALSE); TESTFIELD(Ship,FALSE); END; END;What it basically says is: 1: Receive and Ship can only be selected by themselves (2 combinations) 2. Put Away and Pick can only be selected in conjunction or by themselves (3 combinations) 3. A combination without any selections is allowed. From a coding point of view you therefore have 6 combinations to chose from - and I’m afraid that the code rules… [8D]

Yes, I have seen the code. Are you saying that the help file and the warehouse management manual are incorrect?!? In order to use cross-docking a bin type of Receive and Ship is required, therefore there’s either a problem with Navision or the documentation. If anyone is using cross-docking can you please tell me what bin types are you using.

Cross dock is assigned to a put pick bin type. Cross docking is really just another spot in the warehouse in the stanfdard Nav WMS concept. You still nedd to pick from the cross dock zone, adn than ship.

Thanks, for the clarification. There’s probably some sort of error in the documentation. If you have seen the WMS white paper from 10-January-03, a Receive and Ship bin type is specified for cross docking. Which brings the question what if you have set your warehouse not to require put away and pick, and would like to receive and ship from your cross-dock bin.

Help file : “Cross-docking functionality is available to you if you have set up your location to require warehouse receive and put-away processing”. And you say you want to for example ship from the cross dock bin, so you must swithc on “Use zones and bins” on your location card … which automatically validates the require receive, put away and pick to true.