Bin setup

Using Classic

As I understand, marking both Fixed and Standard for a bin, gives that it will show on e.g. a purchase line without choosing a bin.

I have not been able to find where to mark for fixed and as for now, I have to choose location and bin every time I make a purchase line.

Looking in table 7354/Bin there is only a column for Standard – does that mean it will not be possible in our version ?

I am not familiar with the “Standard” flag. Is that a customization in your system?

In order to achieve the behavior you describe, you need to create a “Bin Content” record for each item with the “Default” flag set. The “Fixed” flag is used by the “Directed Pick & Put-Away” feature and does not provide the functionality you describe.


Thanks for Your reply.

Sorry for a bad translation, “Standard” is Danish for “Default”.

Looks like you pointed me in the right direction - making a “Bin content” record seems to give me the bin code when choosing location.