Bin Granule without Bin Setup Granule

In navision price list, there is a Bin Granule numbered 4,170 which is positioned in Inventory Module. Prerequest of this granule is Basic Inventory (4,010). How can we use Bin granule without Bin Set-up granule numered 4,660 which is positioned in Warehouse Management Module? Thanks in advance for your help.[:)]

Here’s the specific definition of the Bin Set-up granule… You use this granule to easily set up and maintain your bins. This is done by defining both the layout of your warehouse and dimensions of your racks, columns, and shelves. Furthermore, you use the granule to easily set up and maintain your planning parameters. This is done by defining the limitations and characteristics of each bin. My gut feeling is that this Bin Set-Up granule allows access to the Periodic Activities under the Warehouse menu called Bin Creation Worksheet and Bin Contents Creation Worksheet. These are defined journals that allow the user to easily enter the information. Without them, the user could still go to the individual location and then set up the specific zones, bins, and bin contents like in the older Navision Advanced Distribution product. I hope I’m wrong in that it’s not simply an easy way to make a quick buck on basic functionality that should be a part of the Bin granule. This would be taking advantage of the situation. Then again, Microsoft is a sales / marketing organization… ;-)Unfortunately without having access to CCAPS, the Navision license generating tool, I can’t verify this. We’ll have to get a response from MBS support on the specifics of this or hope that someone else asked this same question previously.

After further investigation, I am indeed proven correct. Object From To Granule Name TableDat 7,335 7,338 Bin Set Up TableDes 7,335 7,338 Bin Set Up Form 7,367 7,373 Bin Set Up This granule gives the user access to the tables that are populated by the following forms. ID 7367 Bin Templates 7368 Bin Creation Wksh. Templ. List 7369 Bin Creation Wksh. Names 7370 Bin Creation Wksh. Templates 7371 Bin Content Creation Worksheet 7372 Bin Creation Worksheet 7373 Bin Creation Wksh. Name List 7374 Bin Contents What this means is that you get an easier and quicker way to enter bins and bin contents. It’s a sneaky way to get incremental revenue if you ask me. Not a good marketing thing…[8]

Hi Bill You are indeed correct, although the user will still be able to view the bin contents when they have bins but not WMS, we have a site that uses the bin functionality without any picks or putaways, they simply use bin control and nothing else, so for them it works - it helps they only have 30 bins, but then they do not really have a need for WMS so it fits, if you know what I mean!