Bin filter in regenerative plan

Hi all, When you run a regenerative MPS, you can put the bin filter on the request form (you need to select it, it’s not there standard). Now if you run the plan with for example a location filter WHITE and a binfilter <>W1-015-007 (the bin you want to exclude), it produces exactly the same result as running it without a bin filter. The idea is to have some kind of quarantaine bin for item which should be excluded from MPS/MRP. The alternative is to move the items to an administrative (virtual) warehouse and to run the plan with <>VIRTUAL as a location filter. This one does seem to work. Works but I prefer the bin solution since it reflects the real world.

Hi nav nav Bins have been re-written in 3.70 as well - assuming you are not referring to this [:D]

I sure am.

Hi Nav Nav Hope all is well with you! This is the case that if you exclude a bin from teh planning worksheet the run ignores it, so the invnetory in the bin is included in the calcualtion. Did you get any furhter with this?