bin code in job journal line

Hi everyone…

I just need some help on this.

I tried posting a SERVICE ORDER with items and resources on the service line. I did put the quantity to consume as required then i posted it as ship and consume. However, i get this error.

You must specify Bin Code in Item Journal Line Template Name = and Journal batch name = and Line No =0.

I did indicate the Bin code in the service line but i keep on getting this error message each time i try.

can anyone help me on this… any idea is appreciated.

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Hi I tried to replicate your scenario in demo database of 6.0SP1…but could not succeeded.

I have created 2 service lines…1 with item 1000 and resource LIFT…

I have taken Silver location and Posted after giving Bin Code for line Item Type…(Ship and Consume)

hey there!!

thank you so much for that… im still trying to figure out how to do this… My scenario really is… i need to post service orders with resources and items in service lines. then in those lines I would tag as to what JOB No. and JOB task No. those lines belong to… still indicating locations and bincode on the item lines. then I need to post it as ship and consume so that the Job task lines for the Job no chosen will be updated. Then I would create the sales invoice from the Jobs module instead. I planned to do that because not all items and resources in the service line will be billed to the customer. Thats why I though I better post them as consumption first so I could record the quantity changes then post sales invoice through jobs afterwards. In that case, I will be able to capture all the costs incurred in the service order though some of them were not billed to the customer.

can you suggest another work around for that?

Thank you so much,