Bills of Materials

Hey there, can anyone tell me what´s about those Bills of Materials ? I want to use it, but still don´t get it. I want to create an item which includes several other items. e.g. we sell an McDonalds combo. Burger an a coke. The Price of the main item is 10 bucks. Into this “combo item” I include the burger and the coke. Burger is 7 $ on its own, coke 5 $. If i put the “combo item” in an offer it´s 10$, combo price. If i “open” the item, the burger and the coke will appear in the offer and the price is now 12$. What I want is : To book the combo into financials, 10$ and to book the 2 items out of the inventory. I hope this was not to vage, I would appreciate any kind of help.

If you expolde the BOM Navision will turn the BOM Item into Components. Leave tho Top level Item then when you post you will retain the selling price and the Components will be removed from stock. I.E. Sell 1 BOM meal (1 Burger 1 Fries 1 Coke) The Burger could also be a BOM 1 Bun, 1 Cheese & 1 Patte Selling 1 Meal deal will then downdate all the sub Items Edited by - david cox on 2/15/01 11:39:09 PM