bill-to-party & engineering-to-order

Hi everybody, I currently am a navision prospect: my company builds and sells mechanical machines. I have two questions for you navisioners: 1) How can I handle a commercial triangulation? That is, very often we sell the machinery to a trader or to a bank (loans etc), whilst we sell accessories and maintenance directly to the final customer. Is there a way to have a different “invoice to customer” on the sales order, just to keep all the sales for a particular final customer under the same hat. 2) Is navision suitabile for a make-to-order/engineering-to-order production with quite a degree of product customisation? Many thanks in advance. bye, Simone

Hi Simone Answering your questions in order: 1) On the customer card there is a Bill-to Customer Number on the Invoicing tab. Population of this can differ from the customer to account for “Factoring” companies (at least this is standard in the UK). Using this means the Bill to Customer differs from teh sell-to customer, keeping your sales sepearate from who you are invoicing. Alternatively when you are in the sales order you can manually alter the Bill-to Customer. 2) Navision is certainly more M-T-O thean E-T-O. As for customisation there is no product configurator as standard in Navision, although you can be assured that a third party solution exists. That said Navision is a highly modifyable product, so depending upon the environment and business processes arguably Navision could be made to fit any requirement, although as standard it is more M-T-O and M-T-S orientated than M-T-E. I hope this helps Steve