Bill of Material - Setting up the configuration rules

Hi All,

I want to create a BOM-X with color dimension enabled. In order to produce this BOM, i need raw material Y and Z. Again, Raw material y has color dimension enabled and available in black and white colors.

So, by using configuration groups and configuration rules, i should be able to produce colors of boms as below.

X-Bom - Black color - y(Black) and Z

X-BOM- white color - Y(white) and Z

Thanks in advance

You can use Item Variants…

Hi Jithin,

My intention is not just to create the item variants. My producable item variant will be based on my raw material variant. So, during production i want to take different variants of raw materials as i described.

I have answered this several times in the past 18 months, a search of the forums will give you your answer.

Hi Santhosh,

Variants were never implemented as a part of manufacturing. I think, You will need to make a modification and add to the Variant table BOM /Routing No. Field and change the validation to select the correct BOM based on variant.

This AX not NAV, BOM Configurations

Sorry guys…Its my mistake…

Hi Adam,

I’ve gone through the forum about configuration rules and my question is specific where i wanted to know whether configuring the BOM based “Color”

I would be thankful if you can just read the question again post your comments and please point me to “post” which you think, that will address my question.

You define the colour as the configuration dimension because it is the colour that makes it configurable. Then use the configuration elements of the configuration dimension to flex the BOM based on colour. If having a colour dimension annoys you disable it or rename it to something other than colour.