Bill Of lading

Has anybody created a bill of lading from 2.60. Just wondering if any customers have asked about it in the past?

Several… lots of customers use bill of ladings… :slight_smile: Any other question?

How difficult is it to create the BOL out to a preprinted form?

We use e-ship from Lanham and Associates. Great product, it handles a number of shipping needs including the generation of a Bill of Lading:

Art, it depends on the preprinted form itself… as all the reports that are using a preprinted form you’re needing to put each field on a specific position on the paper, so it usually requires a lot more testing and metering when doing the report that a normal one. Also it depends on how the preprinted form is sorting the data… some of them are pretty straigh forward what the bol is, but some of them are mixing types of information (like two or three lines on a row) that require modifying also the way you’re getting the information to be shown. The bol also depends on how the customer works to be made… some customers don’t use bins, wms or edi/eship at all and they need to print the bill of lading before posting, so you take the information from the sales order… some of them print the bill of lading based on the shipment… some of them use the edi bill of lading… etc…