BigText Error in NAV 2009

I have defined a variable of the DataType BigText in a Report.

I have used ADDTEXT to concatenate several smaller texts to my BigTextVar.

Problem arises when I try to print BigTextVar using FORMAT(BigTextVar) as the SourceExpr in a TextBox.

I get an error saying that “The following text cannot exceed a total of 1222 characters.” BigText is supposed to be able to hold 2 thousand million characters. And TextBox has a MaxLength of 2048 characters as default.

Does anyone know what is going on here? Does anyone have a solution?

Please drop me email at if you can assist.

Cheers! Andrew

Format returns a TEXT which is of limited length.

Your only cances to print such a long text is actually to split into seperate lines (either in a record or in an array) and print the information line-wise

Or you use an external reporting tool which supports strings with unlimited length.

Maybe it should be called something other than BigText then, eh?

The FORMAT function only works for simple types. BigText is a complextype. Where do youy need the FORMAT for?

What you can do is: Define a function that returns a ordinary text variable, and select the part of the bigtextvar that is needed. Then you can use the function as the source expression.

textvar (TEXT(10))


EXIT(FORMAT(textvar, …)