Big Issue WIth SSRS reports in ax 2009 : SQL Server 2008 with sp2 on WIn 2008 server

Hai All,

Am using Ax 2009 and Sql 2008 with sp2.Standard Edition

Am Finding so difficult to process the SSRS reports. I was able to deploy it successfully , and followed all other steps.

But when i try to pull the reports from Report manager or even thru AX , One strange something i find is its asking user name and password again…Can sm1 tell me why??

Also at the same time after giving the credentials am getting the following error:

"An error occurred during client rendering.An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)

Only integrated security is supported for AX queries."

In COnfiguration manager following is the set up i have given

Service Account : User another account option: Admin-BC

Web service uRL defind: port other than 80

Database:in native mode nd credentials to database: Service account which is again admin

Report Manager: URL defined

Execution Account: not defined-- (Tried also by defining execution account but same result)

Also in report server config file have defined authentication type: as per AX installation Guide .(Removed NTLM )

Please suggest me how i can solve this.

Any help will be appreciated so much.

If the Reporting Services virtual directories run on the Default Web site

in IIS-and later Windows SharePoint Services or Microsoft Office SharePoint

Server are installed, the SharePoint installation program will stop the Default

Web site and create a new site that runs on port 80. In this case the Default Web

Site will have to be configured to run on a different port and the site restarted.