Big database restoring on SQL 2000

Hi all, We have a 30Gb Attain 2.6 database using 3.60 client running on SQL 2000, SP3. We are trying to restore a native backup and keep running out of space on the server. We have tested the backup by restoring with a native Attain database and this has been successful, however when we try to restore onto the SQL server it runs out of space building the keys. The data and log drives are both 60Gb in size, so there should be no problem. We have successfully restored a Native backup to this SQL server before, although this was several months ago. Is there any settings we can check that might have been changed? Has anyone else had this problem? Many thanks Justin

To reduce the amount of information written to the log files during the restore, you might try to set the Recovery level to Simple when creating the SQL database. It is in the New Database window on the Options tab. If the restore is successful you can then Alter the database and set it back to Full. If you are running out of space, either the log files are allowed to grow and are filling up the drive(s) assigned to them, or they are not allowed to grow. It might also be the tempdb log file that is running out of space, but the error message should tell you the device involved.

Hy Justin to import a fbk-backup without reducing the recovery - level, you need about twice space on your server. So i suppose that your older backup was just small enough. Bye (Stefan);

Thanks for your help. We’ve managed to fix this by re-installing SQL server! So not sure what the problem was [;)]