BI reporting for AX 2009

Not able to pass Parameter set in SSRS 2008(Dynamics AX Report Project) report to MDX query

Hi All,

I am new to BI reporting. I am developing a simple pie chart OLAP report for Dynamics AX 2009. Here I need to use a parameter say “Company” and need to filter data in my MDX query based on the value passed in “Company” parameter.

For populating the “Company” parameter:

  1. I have tried creating a second dataset since I was not able to bring the “Company” dimension in the MDX query of the first dataset.

  2. I also tried giving non-queried values for it.

I am trying to display the Item Count of each Item in the Company selected using the “Company” parameter. This is my MDX query.

SELECT NON EMPTY([Measures].[Item Count]) ON 0,
NON EMPTY ([Item].[Item groups - Items].[Items]) ON 1
FROM [Production Cube]
WHERE [Company].[Company accounts].[" + Parameters!Company.Value + "]

Somehow this query doesnt accept the Parameter passed from SSRS. I have gone through all the threads and have tried all the options. But found no solution. Please help.