BI for Dynamics NAV

firstly, i cant find the best section to post this…so dont mind !!

We are looking for a good BI solution, which can work best with NAV 5.0… i request for your experiences and suggestions…

We are looking for the below in BI

1.good reporting tool for super users to generate complex users without writing code/ technical know-how…from the user interface itself.

  1. drill-down analysis, KPI, charts, dashboard, (what-if analysis, budgeting … icing on the cake) …etc

We find two alternatives: using the standard BI tools like cognos… or using BI targeted at NAV… any suggestion what way we should go?

have someone actually worked with zapbi, jet reports, microsoft BI ?

Did you have a look at BI4DYNAMICS ?

Hi sharpblue

This is a really interesting question. Considerations for most NAV users include:

  • How will I keep BI in step with NAV?
    This includes NAV security, customisations – it can be technically intensive to get this into the BI layer in the first place with a ‘standard BI tool’ like you mention, but what about keeping BI up-to-date? BI targeted at NAV should make this process much easier and quicker so that BI always reflects the latest changes you’ve made in NAV. Tight NAV integration is a major difference between a NAV BI vendor and a more generic one.

  • How can I roll out BI with minimal technical resources?
    As you mention, you need complex reports and analysis without coding. Not all BI solutions provide this, and many require intensive technical resources to get the solution set up, before you can even start creating reports. It’s important to assess the technical complexity of rolling out and using the BI solution, as well as the overhead for ongoing maintenance.

  • Do I stick with my existing investment in Microsoft technology?
    As a NAV customer, you’ll already have Microsoft technology skills in house. A BI solution for NAV should be built with Microsoft technology, run on SQL Server, and enable you to keep within the stack you’ve already invested in.

  • Can I expand beyond NAV?
    This can be an important consideration if you have other business systems you might need BI for in the future. A BI solution for NAV should allow you this freedom.

*Disclaimer - I work for Zap. You might find this white paper of interest -


Hi Sharpblue,

BI4Dynamics is standardized BI solution which comes with Data Warehouse and OLAP cubes. That two parts are very important for quality of the data which you have to consider when deploying BI. You have to have in mind that is not only the front end which counts.

BI4Dynamics offers you prebuilt reports in Excel. But when the Microsoft Dynamics data are structured you can put it on a different front end tool.

If you would like to know more visit our web page @ or watch the introduction video @

Dear Thomas,

Can you help me to know; what i must to know about my Dynamic NAV in order to choose the right BI4. Is BI4 depended from the license of our Dynamic NAV?

I found these document (is it ok, or i must to know more about my license?):

“Needed Information
About Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV
About BI Front-end Tool
• Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV version
• Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV database
• Which companies from database should we include?
• Which dimensions in Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV should we
• Which additional currency would you like to have (i.e. multiple
companies across different countries with local currency and additional
reporting currency €)
• MS Excel (2003/2007), ProClarity, PerformancePoint 2007
• Panorama
• Other (TargIT, Cognos,…)”

Thanks in advance,


Dear Xheva,

BI4Dynamics offers you a free trial. In that step you have to submit your Microsoft Dynamics License Number and Version on which you would like to install BI4Dynamics.

The primary front-end tool which we are suggesting (at least at the beginning is MS Excel). With 30 days trial version you will get also prebuilt reports in MS Excel.

BI4Dynamics enables you to join multiple companies, reporting in additional currencies. BI4Dynamics covers all Microsoft Dynamics application areas. And of course, you can add additional attributes and dimension.

I suggest you to start a free trial our contact us at

Wish you all the best!