best way to post invoices between companies

I have to solve a BIG problem! Implementing a Group of companies with Navision 3.70 using one database server and one database we need to post invoices between two companies ( A invoices B, B buys from A and sell to end-customer ) in an automatic and transparent manner from the user point of vue. I am dealing with CHANGECOMPANY only bust it is a very limited function. Does anybody know about another way to go around changing companies inside codeunits ? Many thanks and a very happy new year to the comunity! Paulo Gonçalves

This is done in V4, so if upgrading is not an option, you can always look at how they have implemented their solution and copy it.

My thoughts exactly, Chris. I am just not sure when the PT version for 4.0 will be released. In 4.0, Navision implemented InterCompany (IC) Transactions using an Inbox/Outbox approach. Suppose you are working in Company A and want to post an Invoice billed-to Company B. This Transaction is registered in Company A’s IC Outbox and in Company B’s IC Inbox. Someone who works in Company B (it can be the same User, of course), should then pick up this IC Transaction from his Inbox and carry on with the process. However, you said you wanted an automatic and transparent manner from the user point of view. I am not sure how well the standard 4.0 IC functionality fits to your case. Check out the W1 version for a hands-on experiment. If it’s good enough for you, the best move would be to upgrade from 3.70 to 4.0 (which shouldn’t be that hard) and avoid a lot of development headaches trying to do something from scratch. PS: Bom ano [:)]

Hi Guys, Nelson is right, there needs a manual intervention for Intercompany postings. You cannot accomplish the case, as the Codeunit cannot refer to the Invoices in another company and CHANGECOMPANY cannot work during codeunits. The Only way is to create a Record in the Purchasing areas of Company B using the change Company. And then user login to COmpany B and Post the Invoice.

Many thanks to all for the tips. Implementing NAV 4.0 is a good idea, the problem is nobody knows the timming to have a PT version. Using a similar function as the out and in boxes would be ok if instead of a login to the second company and a human intervention , one could use a call from the job scheduler. Anyway, we will try to analyse your sugestions. Best regrards for everyone! i wil stay online!