Best practice tips of everyone

Hi all!

Based to one of last discussed topics “undocumented features” I will start a “Best practice tips of everyone”

Let us know your simple or complex genial solutions for customer needs

No Add-ons please, no advertising please, only small samples solutions with the idea to share it for free (…also the objects if someone is asking)


Most of you knowing the way to modify form 330 for this need up to version 3.70. What about version 4.00 or later because of Navigation pane? Well I always design a small form without border and without the feature of resizing. This form has all this information on in. The logo is coming from company information I start it in CU 1 in function CompanyOpen

Needed Object: 1 Form

Changed stanard object: 1 - 1 line with call the form

Implementation time: 5 minutes

Result: (


No one wants to share best practice experience?[:P]

No one wants to share best practice experience?[:P]

A simple requirement for me to create a new Item was inform the Manufacturer, Item category and product group first, calculate and Item Id. and just concatenate all to get the No. of the item. I just use a form, that is displayed when F3 is clicked on Item Card form, with no border and no resizing too, and it’s appearence is…

Needed Object: 1 Form
Implementation time: 5 minutes

Hey thx for reply! Great stuff! Anyone else?

Sounds more like useful tips than Best practices…

Not sure if this falls in this category but It seems to me that the comments need to have a fix.
The Next Control Needs to Be set to itself and AutoEnter set to yes. [ID=4 Nextcontrol=4]
This way if you’re typing in a bunch of comments(and perfect grammer is not a key) it will allow you to continue typing without the BEEP when you reach the fields max length.