Best place to start research?

Hi I’m looking for web sites, documents, anything really that will assist me in researching whether or not Navision has the functionality that my company requires. Do any of you good people have any suggestions? Many thanks in advance.

Ask local NSC’s for offers based on your needs. They will gladly help [:)]

What type of business/Vertical are you in?

Put together a document of the required functionalities, give it to a NSC and they will be able to tell you if it’s a GAP or a FIT, if it’s a GAP then ask them to quote you the number of days required for customizing Navision so it will fit your requirement

Hi - thanks for the suggestions so far. We are a manufacturer of Chemicals/Pharmaceutical ingredients for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry. Our needs are probably quite simple - Purchasing, Stores, Finance (multi-site, UK and Germany), Project tracking and also perhaps HR and Payroll.

Try They are not a vendor specific site, so it will be a bit more objective than going to a Navision or any other VAR. They charge, but there is a way to get some info for free. Good luck!

you might have a look at these ones aswell, though I don’t know how reliable their info is. At least it gives an idea what is around… IMHO put together your functional requirements and have them ansered by several resellers of defferent products. Saludos Nils

I strongly agree with Nils and Tarek. The action of writing such a document will help to clarify your requirements and then you can decide the priority of requirements (must have or nice-to-have). Good luck.