Best MBS- Partner World Wide?

Hi I just found an ad in the German newspaper ‘Financial Times Deutschland’. In this ad a German NSC claims a place as ‘Best Navision partner world wide’. There is a reference to an award ‘Navision Excellence’ [?]. I’m curious if it is really possible to be the ‘BEST partner world wide’? bye André

Hello, I have never heard of an award for “Navision Excellence”. I suspect the company you mention is Aston: There is no doubt that they can claim to have been a highly successful re-seller for MBS, but as to being “best” or “excellent”, it would depend on how you would wish to define those terms.

Hi Edward No, this ad is from the German company ‘Cosmo Consult AG’. I just searched a little on the web site of Cosmo Consult and found this: (only German). The headline: IT Weltmeister aus Münster (IT World champion from Münster, Germany). There I found that this award for the category ‘Navision’ was really given only to one NSC at the “Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2003” in New Orleans. This is also the answer to my question. But still mysterious. bye André

Hi All, How can they claim the best partner “world-wide” ? at the 1st place I dont see them in Asia ?

Perhaps you are Worldchampion - but only till another partner becomes Wordchampion…