Best integration tool?

A client has asked us to integrate a web based time and expense entry solution with their Navision 3.1 (SQL Server DB). For example, they are going to send us data elements for job journal? What is the best way to accomplish this? NAS, ODBC, C/FRONT?

If somebody wants to use Navision db then u can use C/FRONT. If you want use other db from Navision then C/ODBC. I think so … [:)] Also there’s another way to do it … using files (export/import). -

We want to stay away from flat files and want to make sure the data is validated as well. We have had problems using ODBC to flow data into SQL because Navision doesn’t always like the data. Has anyone used the Navision application server to integrate a third party app?

Hi Greg, You could write something that will populate a table in SQL with the data that needs to be imported in Navision. Then you can map that table to a table in Navision (please refer to Navision - SQL manuals). Mapping will insure that the table in SQL and the one in Navision are always in synch. Then in Navision you could write a routine that would read that table, validate the data and import it in the journals. If you do not want to use flat files this is the best way I think. NAS is only a different way of accessing Navision. You still need to solve the problem of how to access the data in the first place. As for ODBC or C/Front are definitely not recommendable. Hope this helps. Regards, Cristi Nicola

Hey, Just a suggestion, use DTS package in SQL to send data to and from Navision !! Prince