Benchmark & documentation

Hello to all I have a lack of information regarding the build-in benchmark in axapta. Where can I find documentation? Does someone knowns if it’s possible to customise the benchmark? Have a nice day Alfa

Dear ALFA, You can find a document on how to use the Benchmark tool on Axapta Technet or you can have a look in the Axapta Knowledge Village on yahoo. That is where I found it. regards, Danny Gaethofs

Hi What version of Axapta are you using? Benchmarking in Axapta 3.0 / SP2 was quite buggy. Only Purchase and Sales order scripts worked. You have to do quite a few tweaks to get the rest up and running. I have a document on this which I received the other day from a gentleman. If you are interested, do please let me know. Regards Harish Mohanbabu

Hi all, We need to generate large amounts of data for test purposes. We have seen the Axapta benchmark system demonstrated before and want to use that, however is it possible for us to run a benchmark that will select random posted sales orders and allocate payments for them? The bulk of our data is imported through a batch process, and payments are then manually entered and allocated, and we need to simulate this to generate a couple of years worth of artificial data. Also, does anyone have new links to the docs on benchmarking? I have not been able to track them down since technet’s demise… Thanks and Regards, Matt