Being Audited

I actually recieved the following request for a modification: “I would like restrictions made to my auditors to allow them only access to Positive and negative transactions.”

Anon, give them a login with their own security priviledges and then you may have to do some mods in the forms they use to detect the USERID. Craig Craig Bradney Technical Manager Criterion Technology Pty Ltd P:+61-2-9436-0436 F:+61-2-9436-1004

Craig, I hope you’re not serious. I posted this to share the humour of it. The mod would be simple, how about: OnOpenForm() if confirm(‘Are you an auditor?’) then begin filtergroup(4); setrange( (only the legal entries) ); filtergroup(2); end; Unfortunately this would put the developer, the nsc and the customer in jail for a long time. Good luck Craig, remember to think about federal laws before making mods in real life situations :slight_smile:

No mod is required at all! In the ledgers, ALL transactions are positive or negative therefore there is nothing to filter out whether you are an auditor or not.

You can have zero trabnsactions as well