Beginning Navision Development


I am starting to learn Navision Development and have attempted some simple development. Does anyone have any links or documents that will be useful for me. Some kind of basic tutorials would be ideal?

Also, I have created a new table and tried to recreate the same as the Customer Table. I have managed to successfully create the assist edit where the user can click the […] to bring up the No. Series table for them to select one. When the user selects the No. Series and presses enter it brings the next no. in the series fine. However if I just create a blank record and press enter it always just tries to make the No. Blank i.e. it doesn’t add the next number in the series.

I know it’s difficult without seeing what I have done, but does anyone have any idea what I should look out for?

Thanks in advance…


Welcome to Navision.

Have a look at the OnInsert trigger of the Customer table. The code in the beginning is what sets the No. when a new record is created.

Thinks Babrown,

That was what I was missing. Do you know of anywhere online I can find any kind of help with basic development?

I find this forum along with to be the better online resources. Others may suggest additional sites, but these are the one I tend to use.

What is your relationship with Navision? Are you working for an NSC or an end-user?

I have a few that might be interesting for you to look at

The ADG is 3.7 i think so your product cd would have the updated version if you’re using 4+