Beginners question Month Totals

Hi all, i should make a excel-graph to display the purchases we made at a vendor. i found how to export data to excel and use the chartwizard. my problem is that i do not know how to get the totals of purchases of each month in excel? should i use a temp-table and export that table? any suggestion is welcome thanks in advance Frank

It really depends on how you are exporting, and what you are exporting. Best will be to create something similar to the purchases Trendscape on the Vendor card, based on the date table. If you need some pointers, we first need to know how you plan to get the data into excel. BY the way, by far the best solution is to use the Excel buffe t ocraete the spread sheet directly.

Hi David I think i’m gonna use Automation to get the results in Excel so it will be something like this : CREATE(Excel,TRUE); Excel.Visible(TRUE); Book:=Excel.Workbooks.Add(-4167); Sheet:=Excel.ActiveSheet; Sheet.Name:=‘Account Information’; Sheet.Range(‘a1’).Value := ‘Month’; Sheet.Range(‘b1’).Value:=‘Amount Current Year’; Sheet.Range(‘c1’).Value:=‘Amount Previous Year’; and then a loop to fill the rows in excel and finally i use the Chart.ChartWizard to create the actual But what do u mean with the TrendScape? Thx Frank

Not sure how they have translated TrendScape into Belgiam/French. Go to the Vendor Card, Click the Vendor Button, and select the option Purchases. This screen is a TrendScape screen. Create a loop based on the Date Table. then add the following Vendor.Setfilter(“date filter”,’%1…%2’,Date.StartDate,EndDate); Vendor.calcfields(“Purchases (LCY)”); Sheet.Range(‘c1’) := vendor.“purchases (LCY)”;