Beginner please help

Hi all, I am a new member in this forum and a beginner in Axapta too. Can any one provide me with a simple study material. may be an online link too… It would be a real help for me. Please help me in getting a good knowledge in x++ and getting certified in that Thanks and regards Leeza ann John

Hi, You will find a lot of interesting materials right below your installation :). Check the Bin directory of your Axapta Client installation folder. The most important papers you’ll need are: AxDvgLangUs.chm - a reference manual for X++ language. AxDvgUs.chm - the Axapta Developer Guide (the main help manual in Axapta); Dev_BPHB.chm - the Developer’s Best Practices Handbook You should also read from the Axapta Online help, for the forms/classes you’ll need (AOT/System Documentation & AOT/Application Developer Documentation). You can find a lot of resources on Details for the Axapta programing exam can be found at However, you’ll need at least 6 month of Axapta programming experience to take this exam. Good luck with Axapta, Ciprian

Hi Thanks alot for replying .I have been working with axapta for last six months. I want to be more fluent with axapta. Till now i used to get help from my seniors. Now i wish to do it with out the help. I mean i want to refer on my own and work with it. I expect the kind hearted cooperation of all the members of the group for this. Once again Thanks. Leeza

Hi, Welcome to this forum [:)] Hope you enjoy your stay here. And good luck with your certification ! Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Everyone, i’m new to this form and to Axapta world but coming from technical backgroud with few mcp exams in my pocket. i’m currently organising a training for my team to achieve Axapta certification for MBS competency. can anyone please advice the advantage of class based training over eLearning or eLearning is enough to achieve the MBS certification. Thanks for your help. Arif [:)]

Hi Arif, My .02 cents - Whenever possible, I would always go for class room based training. There are great advantages like getting queries clarified on the spot, exchange ideas/thoughts, etc. In addition to the opportunity to meet real people, usually I find the scope for learning is more. Coming to your second part of the query ie., whether eLearning is enough to achieve certification - it needs training plus hard work. Good luck [:)] Harish Mohanbabu