Beginner First Post - Part 2

I have resolved my problems by going to another Dynamics site which has downloads which are meaningful to me (eg, they have .mdf databases which I have been able to open and view the table structures)

It was no problem and no one had to help or guide me

I now have Navision databases in 5.0 and 4.0 format, training videos, installation cd’s

If any other beginner is interested the links are as follows for nav 5.0

Scroll down and you will find links to 4.0 and other interesting downloads

Thanks for the interest and help on this forum

Hi Jock,

Happy you have have everything now. But why are you starting up with the Navision 4.0 and 5.0 databases? If you’re doing a new implementation, then nobody would start with those old databases. If you really want to “play it safe”, then you could go with the NAV 5.0 SP1. But If I was you, then I would just start by NAV 2009. The SP1 is on the stairs, so just go ahead play with it now. It’s safe enough.

Thank you for your link. But you can find almost all the same files here on DUG in the Navision Official Files Gallery. And I even uploaded the localized Australian version of the NAV 2009 database just for you. And if there’s something missing, then please let us know and will find it for you.