Does anyone have any experience with the beep command. The Frequency parameter does not work. The system appears to use what ever the default sound is set in Windows control panel. Inserting multiple beeps Beep(3000,500); Beep(3000,500); Beep(3000,500); Beep(3000,500); Does not produce 4 beeps. Thanks

This code … BEEP(100,5000); SLEEP(1000); BEEP(10000,1000); … gives me 2 beeps, but you are correct: the frequency and duration parameters have no affect on the sound (win98/3.10B). -john

The parameters have never worked as far as I know.

Hello, well, they actually do work. But I don’t really know where the problem is. When I was in the Training Center in Hamburg (Programming) I designed a little “SoundSystem” where you can enter different notes (with the correct Frequencies), Intervalls, etc. This actually worked and you were able to “build” a “song”. :wink: These Objects do the same on my computer or any other computer in my company. So here I have the same problem, that you have. In the Training Center it really worked, i think they used Nav Attain 3.10 B at that time. I think there might be problem with the system beeper (default sound of the computer), Windows, or some (sound(card))configuration may cause trouble. I don’t know. :frowning:

Housman : Nice one! A music player in Navision [;)] If I would have wrote it and if a recruiter would ask me what can you say as far as your Navision programming skills, I would just reply : “I can make it sing!” It says it all [:D] Ha! My love for gadget is going to kill me some days …

Hello, I believe it is an OS issue. I had frequency working on my NT 4.0 office computer, but it didn’t work on my Win95 home computer.

Just tried it on my somewhat old office PC (Win2K, no sound card, only PC speaker): Works great! [8D] Seems like a great opportunity to play tricks on coworkers - at the end of each report IF (USERID = ‘…’) THEN BEGIN <1000 BEEPS> END; [}:)] “Don’t know what your problem is, this doesn’t happen if I run the report…”


Seems like a great opportunity to play tricks on coworkers - at the end of each report IF (USERID = ‘…’) THEN BEGIN <1000 BEEPS> END;

Coincidently, I got that on Monday from one of my colleagues who went on holiday this week. He’d put it in a loop with an incrementing integer for the pitch. [:)]

Well well. VAR wmPlayer: OCX Windows Media Player wmPlayer.Open(‘c:\winnt\media\tada.wav’); /me snicker

I put this on the on open triger of the main form of one of my customers. IF USERID=‘BOB’ THEN HYPERLINK(’//server/c/BobTheBuilder.wav’); But the beep does seem OS dependant in that it works on NT based OS systems and not 95 systems. Paul Baxter