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We are an accounting company in Sweden that work quite a bit with NAV and have a great NAV Gold Partner. However, for different reasons we are looking into becoming a silver partner but we will not to compete with our existing partner but complement their skills basically. So we are not interested in getting certified for the C/side test and are looking into the option of employing a contractor who has passed that test. My questions are:

a) Is that a common solution to hire a contractor in order to get a certification? To me it feels a bit shady but maybe it’s not uncommon?

b) Who can be the contractor? Can they work for a real company or does the contractor have to be “one-man-band” if you know what I mean?

c) What about nationality? Must this person be Swedish, or is it ok with Danish or Norwegian? What about Indian?

d) How much does this contractor have to work in order to be considered a contractor?

Thank you very much for your help.


a) not common, but it’s allowed

c) whomever you like…

b) & d) The cornerstone here is the fact, that person’s NAV certificate(s) can be tied whit ONE and only one company, read, Partner.

For example, I may work for a dozen of companies concurrently, but benefit from may certifications (count towards Partner’s required certified specialists) can gain only ONE of them at a time, plus, those can not be splitted between several Partners if I have more than one certification.

You do not add certifications as such, you add a PERSON, and if (s)he happens to be certified, that comes automatically. If that exact person is already registered with another Partner, you will not be allowed to register her/him as part of your certified specialists count.

Hi Modris,

Thanks for your answer. You hit the nail on the head, so thanks.



Hi Modris,

How can we check whether company is Microsoft partner company , I know one company which doesn’t have any certified resources and not having proper of strength of resources also But maintaining Microsoft dynamics Projects of other companies through agreement

Moreover they advertise that it is Microsoft certified gold partner (Imagine without proper resources). Do have any link for checking that,

Thanks in Advance

MS earlier maintained a publically accessible list of Partners, those where available thru MS local country sites (not .com but, for example,, but now I can’t find this info anymore.

“Third-party” lists are incomplete, I checked several and results were different, besides these aren’t authoritative - who knows HOW they add companies to their lists.

Seems the only reliable way is calling local MS representatives and asking them – we wish to buy NAV, please give us a list of Partners with NAV competency in our neighborhood. Or, ask them to confirm that company XYZ Ltd is eligible for such services.

Well, fake Partner can’t sell or fully maintain your NAV system, because:

  1. it will not be able to order the license from MS for your company,
  2. full DEV license is required, which expires every year even for real Partners and must be renewed - and MS rejects prolonging Partner status, if requirements are no more fulfilled.