Become certified AX developer

Good day.

i am hoping that somebody could possibly point me in the right direction. i have been working on the AX development side for about two years working on smaller projects in conjunction with our senior AX developer.

i would like to become a certified AX developer or work my way to become certified. We are using AX 2012 R2, but i see that that exam has been superseded by the R3 Cu8 exam. but when looking at that exam number on the Microsoft site it has been withdrawn. are the only AX exams now geared towards AX7?

what path should i be taking towards becoming certified and how would i go about this?

any help in this regard would be appreciated.…/dynamics-certification.aspx
you could check above site, these are the only exams available.
In order to become certified, you should posses knowledge about the course.

  1. You may go for training classes
  2. do self study
    It’s no useful having only certificate, without knowledge.