Bckup error(text no. 1972-0 does not exist in the .stx file)

Hi all,

I am facing a problem at the time of taking Db backup.
Please see the attachment Picture.


After that search the forum and learned that due to version mismatch behind this problem.
And I have found some table object (2000000071… 2000000079) in my database.
These tables should not be present in Nav 5.0 SP1 DB.

BTW, can any body suggest me what best solution to resolve this issue is?

A)Create Fresh db and export all the modified objects and data except those tables.

Thnx with regards

Strange! :shock:

I have created a new db with all modified objects and import all the data and take a copy of it(DB). We are all working on the Copy DB.

After some times I have found the Tables objects (2000000071…2000000079) in my Copy DB,
objects modified date is back date (20th January 2009).

How can It possible ??

Any valuable remarks would be appreciated…

Hi Subrata,

The first problem sounds like you have a wrong STX file to your client. Try to do a clean install of the client and try again.

The other problem with the objects in the range 2000000071…2000000079 sounds like you had a failed restore sticking in the database. What happens if you select Restore?

Thanks for your quick reply.

BTW, I have created a new db from my latest backup file and import the modified objects.

I want to know from you Erik how does the objects (in the range 2000000071…2000000079) come from ?

Thanks with regards.

The objects in the range 2000000071…2000000079 are created automatically when you open the database with Navision 2009.

Thanks for reply.

This means DB converted into higher version (Nav2009).

Well ,If it is than Nav 5.0 Sp1 should not able to open the Converted DB ??

Am I right ??

That is correct.

Thanks Erik for your quick reply.

But Erik the DB is opened by the Nav 5.0 SP1 Client and I can see the objects in the range 2000000071…2000000079.How does It possible?? I think that some one unfortunately imported these objects.Can you give the the details of these objects, I mean objects are for Employee Portal/ Outlook Integration etc…

BWT many many thanks to you for your guidence and support.[Y]

Hi Subrata,

I really don’t know.

But I have a theory that your backup maybe was created with the NAV 2009 client and then you restored it into NAV 5.0 SP1. I don’t know if that’s possible.

Could also be that you where logged in with your NAV 5.0 SP1 client, while another user opened it with the NAV 2009 client. And then you created your backup including your NAV 2009 tables.


hi Ernst

i get the same error when i try to take a backup. i am running NAV 5.0. help me please its urgent…

i’ll appreciate.

And I guess that you checked that the same solution didn’t work for you? If you have those tables then it’s because you’ve opened it with the new version.

Hi Erik,

I have same error in NAV 5.0 SP1, too. I’m sure that nobody has opened this with any other version of the Navision.

It even doesn’t want to export all objects.

So, what is the hack is going on??? [8o|]

Is it bug?

I need to backup my database :((

And I’m sure it’s because it was opened with NAV 2009. The tables are not created automatically in any other way.