BC-Sales free goods

Good morning,

I’m new to the platform and don’t know if my question is relevant.
I am implementing BC 2019 and I need to manage FREE GOODS intended as a merchandise discount.

In BC, I installed an app, (developed by EOS) named SFG = SALES FREE GOOD to manage the freebies.
The app allows me to use gifts without compensation and with VAT compensation but it is not needed for my case.

Follow an example of sales invoice:

|qty |article |Unit Price | VAT|

where FXX is the free VAT code for free goods.

|VAT| Taxable | Vat amount|

Total Gift 10 euro
Total doc 220 euro

So, my problem is that i can’t replicate this case in BC standard.
I hope I have been clear but it is not easy.
Thanks in advance


If I was in standard BC and took your example I would be setting up this Pump with a VAT Product Posting Group = ZERO so that when I entered it on a Sales Line for $10, the VAT would be 0% and 0 VAT.

Now, if you are selling the Pump and collecting VAT then the VAT Product Posting Group will have to be normal (i.e. 10% like your example). What I would do on the Sales Lines is change the VAT Product Posting Group to ZERO from NORMAL.

Hope this helps. I did this in my GB CRONUS Sandbox.