BC payment journal electronic payment, bank rec

When using electronic payments in the BC payment journal, and taking the file to the bank website and uploading, processing there, etc. The bank has one net withdrawal for the total amount for all payments made. BC has many payments hitting the vendor ledger, bank ledger, and check ledger. My client is having trouble doing the auto match for these electronic payments, because it does not match the one from the bank to the many from BC. Is there a trick to getting the bank rec to work well?

Hi Eric.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a good answer here. I find if you filter by the Posting Date within the Bank Account Ledger Entries when doing the Bank Account Reconciliation, you can at least get all the payments included in the ACH file to show. If you use a specific No. Series for these types of payments that helps as well. Matching them at this point is manual unfortunately.

I’ve seen the same issue with 3rd party payroll solutions for BC as well.

Here’s an example of what it would look like. I filtered by the posting date and the Balance to Reconcile is updated. In theory if they don’t do multiple payment batches that total would match what cleared the bank and the user can manually match them all to the Bank Statement Lines transaction.

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