BC Extension Merging

Hello All,

I’d like to ask a question regarding extension merging
We have 3 different extension which currently still used by customer.

To be honest maintaining them is really troublesome.

So we are trying to merge all the extension into 1
Is there going to be any problem when we merge it into 1 extension?
If we change the object id will the data on new custom table or extended table wiped out?

utilize event subscriptions to move existing data to work\staging tables and then to new tables as extensions are loaded.

When you remove the old extension, all the data in old extension will be wiped out. You will need to move data from old extension to new extension.

Create a third extension that has dependency on the old and new extension. Use that extension to move data from old to new extension. Once it is done, you can remove old and the third extension.

Check this out; it describes how to move tables and fields between extensions (OnPrem only). However, I have not had an oppertunbity to try this.