BC and Performance

Looking for someone running thousands of orders per day. 5,000 – 7,500+ per day.

I have someone looking at implementing BC and is concerned that BC can’t handle these many transactions.

Nearly all of these orders are coming in via the Web so its not like they are being entered manually. Concerned that there will be locks, hours of postings and never-ending sessions.

Understand that PowerBI will have performance issues with large tables, more on the application side.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

I’d say this will depend on the interface design, the typical order size (# of lines), and how they are received. By “how received” do they trickle in thru the day? Or do you get large batches at certain times.

If the expectation is the data will come in and directly to BC Sales Orders in a single step, that is most likely a non-starter. I’ve seen systems doing 3,000 or so a day fall down with the expectation.


I have seen NAV and BC Orders running 3,000-5,000 but have not come across one personally. I would ask how the orders are being processed (EDI, manual, eCommerce, etc…). If you are a Partner, you might ask Microsoft to ask the BC Product Team. There might be others in the Forum who have come across the volume.


Hi dcervelli
From my point of view with multiple years experience of performance tuning on BC environments I am pretty sure it is achievable with a good design and concept.
Even the BC version and the apps installed and settings/configuration do have impact on performance.
Beside performance, resiliency is an aspect worth to be considered in the concept.
For sure it depends of several aspects in infrastructure, app and process design, not possible to elaborate in such a forum / short message.