BC AL Using 'upload' function of a 32 MB file error

Describe the bug
Using ‘upload’ of a 32 MB file gives following error :
The file could not be uploaded because it was too large. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 2047 MB.

To Reproduce
Make code like described below.
Change setting ‘Max Upload Size’ in configuration to maximum value - same result

AL Code to reproduce the issue
if not Upload(Text001, ‘’, Text002, clientfilename, serverfilename) then
error(Text003, serverclientfilename);

Expected behavior
File is not exceeding limitation, so it should be uploaded.


5. Versions:

AL 4.0.199169

Business Central:

Are you sure the filesize is 32MB? If you are sure, then it’s a bug and you should report it to the MS.

Thank you
BR Damjan