BC 14 (On Premise) Object Import Takes A Long Time To Complete

Since a recent upgrade from NAV2013R2 on premise to Business Central 14 on premise, I noticed that when I upload a single fob file into the Development Environment, it takes a long time and appears to build and object search index reviewing every object. A similar upload used to take just seconds. Is there a setting somewhere that changes this behavior?

Hi Lewis,

Time is relative. When you say “a long time to complete” - how long is it?

We’re also on BC14 and know it’s doing it, but it usually rebuilds the search index of our more than 7000 objects in less than 10-15 seconds.

I guess three to five minutes. It used to finish in seconds.

You’re right, that is long. Are you doing it from a remote client or directly on the server where the instance is running?

Remote client. I’ll try to remember to try it from the server next time.