Batches in Journals

Hi All,

Can some one tell me why does Navision use Batch(s) at the time of Journal Entries ??

My Scenerio…

I have same type of Customization Where I have to save some Phone Call Log from our customers. And after that some Journals ( Payment,Sales,Purchase,Service) will be created and be posted on the basis of the Phone Call Log…

Is this functionlity require any Batch(s) ?[^o)]


It’s part of the table design in journal entry. Batches are used so that you can have self contained chunks of journal lines, mostly used so that multiple people can post the same type of journals at the same time. So for instance you would have a general journal batch for every person in the accounting department, and everyone only uses their own batch. This way, you can post a whole batch, instead of having to put checkmarks on there or otherwise filter out the right journal lines.