Batches in axapta

hai experts

I am working with batches in axapta.

I have documents to be processed in Queue manager(basic—>periodic---->Application integration framework---->queueManager). The documents belong to chart of accounts. I want to process this documents in batches.i have assigned a batch job with the tasks assigned to it as shown below(basic—>inqueries—>batchjob—>click view tasks button).

Now i have gone to basic—>periodic–>batch processing. It is in waiting state.But the file is not exporting to specified folder.Could any one help me.

If you have batch jobs that never execute, that would make me think you do not have a batch server configured. Go to Administration>Setup>Server Configuration. Verify there is an AOS with “Is Batch Server” checked. Then on that line, click over to the “batch server groups” tab and then make sure the batch groups you need are added to that server. The batch group you need is “AIF” it looks like.

Hi alex Thanks for the replay.

I have configred batch server properly.My target is to export chart of accounts in to destination folder(folder with full permissions).In batch job history form it is showing

the below error.If i click log button it is showing me an info “Cannot edit a record in Ledger journal table (LedgerJournalTable).
The record has never been selected.”

My forms data: