Batch settings remain on all reports!!

I have a series of custom reports and I have put them in their own tab. Naturally, all the reports are accessed through a Menu item. Everytime someone sets any options in the Batch tab, the settings remain for all the other reports in that menu section. What am I missing?? Is this normal behaviour? Can I stop it from doing that? Thanks. Appreciate any help. Phil

Hi Phil Without knowing how u implemented the reports, I would say that something goes wrong with you’re pack/unpack methods. Just a suggestion /Alchr

well, my bet guess, without seeing the code is that you created a lot of menuItems with different parameters and all of them are calling the same class that extends RunBaseBatch. If so, than the pack unpack methods save the parameters for this class, and are re-written each time you call it, even if you use a different menuItem.

Thanks Guys for the insight.